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Established 1993, Bells Beach, Victoria

Architect Tony Hobba founded the Bells Beach-based practice in 1993 and is proudly embedded in the very region (the iconic Surf Coast of Victoria, just off the Great Ocean Road) he committedly serves. Designing for Australia’s unique coastal environment has allowed him to develop a particular architectural vernacular that is best expressed in projects such as Third Wave Kiosk. Sensitivity to place and an awareness of the site’s specific conditions allow Hobba to create structures that promote passive design, are resilient and exhibit empathy for their surrounds.

He takes inspiration from the Great Otway National Park and local surf beaches, and because of the location of many THA projects, the view is central to the overall scheme. His residential projects, in particular, are configured to allow the best possible sightlines, which more often than not is an integral part of the client’s brief.

The Third Wave Kiosk, 2012, by Tony Hobba Architects serves as a much talked about public facility on The Esplanade at Torquay, Victoria. What could have been a nondescript modestly-sized block of toilets, change rooms and a canteen is elevated to landmark status via a strikingly sculptural envelope of recycled sheet piles. These sheets are typically used for seawalls and were procured from the Victorian floods of 2011, where they were installed for flood protection works along the Murray River.