STEEL: art design architecture




Born 1972, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Lives Queanbeyan, New South Wales

Born and educated in Switzerland, Sabine Pagan is a contemporary jeweller, gemmologist and researcher whose interdisciplinary practice spans jewellery, domestic objects and small-scale installations.

Pagan relocated her creative practice to Australia in the late 1990s where she was an artist-in-residence at Object Studios in Sydney (1999-2001) and at ANCA (Australian National Capital Artists) (2001-2003) in Canberra. From 2004-2013 she worked as an academic at Charles Sturt University leading the Bachelor of Arts (Jewellery) program.  In 2016 she completed her PhD in the School of Art, Architecture and Design at UniSA.

Pagan’s interest in architectural structures has long informed the aesthetic of her jewellery. More recently, as part of her doctoral research, Pagan examined how our engagement with sensorial architectural environments can act as models for rethinking our relationship with jewellery, in particular the ring, when un/worn.

Steel is everywhere. It supports soaring skyscrapers and enters the intimate spaces of our bodies as sophisticated medical instruments. Sabine Pagan works between these public and private spheres: she is alive to the ways our bodies inhabit the large shared built spaces of architecture, but also, with jewellery, embrace diminutive constructed objects that accompany us every day. In each case it’s the relationship between construction and flesh that matters: pagan’s jewellery demonstrates the productive tensions that exist between who we are and what we make, and even hint at ways each affect and inflect the other.