STEEL: art design architecture




Established 1993, Stuttgart, Germany

The directness and confidence in the work of Korban/Flaubert has evolved through a dedicated and involved material investigation. Pushing the limits of metal’s physical and expressive potential whilst challenging their making capabilities, the creative team of Janos Korban and Stefanie Flaubert have created a distinctive practice that spans furniture design and sculpture. They have developed both a national and international reputation for their works in both stainless and corten steel.

Wishing to create works that have a sense of fluidity, energy and motion Flaubert spends hours creating models in studio. The unforced and expressive nature of these models are further interpreted by Korban in the workshop where he utilising his impressive making capabilities bringing the models to life in metal.

This screen explores the solidity and lustre of stainless steel: solid stainless steel plates fold into each other to form a rhythmic and chunky screen. Armour plates protect: the fortified form is constructed by diagonal translations of a repeated module. The blocky modelling of the screen is enhanced by the stainless steel picking up light from different directions. Apertures are like metal helmets, facing both directions.

Involute, 2009, is one of a series of our projects exploring motion and continuity, instability and equilibrium. An endless loop spirals conically around and in on itself, an involute position, protective, constantly enfolding and refolding the space within. The tight geometric flow traces the double loop infinity symbol and draws it into a renewing three-dimensional envelope. The two sides flow together in an involved constant equilibrium, balanced but endless… slow, sculptural, perpetual.