STEEL: art design architecture




Established 2007 Sydney, New South Wales

Like many bourgeoning industrial designers in Australia, Sarah Gibson and Nick Karlovasitis were nearing the end of their studies and found themselves beleaguered by the tough conditions of staying local and forging a design career. While many young graduates head overseas in pursuit of work and opportunities, Gibson and Karlovasitis resolved to stay put and build the option that they felt was missing in Australia. And so in 2007, DesignByThem was born.

DesignByThem is a furniture and object design house that develops and represents the work of Australian design talent. As well as creating products themselves, DesignByThem counts the likes of Stefan Lie, Trent Jansen and Jon Goulder among their stable of collaborators. The DesignByThem collection is a careful balance of fun and function.

Named after the contained neatness of the folds of steel, the Tuck stools and tables are an exercise in restraint. The hero of each piece is the complicated fold pattern, which brings both strength and embellishment to the design. The Tuck series of objects are made from sheet metal steel, which are folded to form a single leg section. Four legs are then used to create a complete stool or table base, which are then connected using the underside folds.

Inspired by corrugated roofs, Corro Bowl is an ode to the Australian landscape. Made from rolled corrugated mirror-polished stainless steel, the designers sought to showcase steel’s inherent strength and malleability,
re-contextualising this industrial material in a high-end design object.