STEEL: art design architecture




Born 1987, Sydney, New South Wales

Lives Canberra, ACT

Dan Lorrimer is a sculptor and designer living and working in Canberra. His practice practice incorporates sculpture and object design.  At the heart of his practice is a deep understanding of materials and processes with an emphasis on creating new ways to utilise these technologies in the fields of art and design. His work illustrates a keen sense of exploration through making.

Dan commenced his studies at the ANU School of Art in 2005, graduating in 2009. During this time he also began working with many established local artists and designers including Richard Whitley, Mathew Curtis and F!NK & Co. Through this direct contact with industry leaders, Dan has developed a passion for creating, spanning both art and product design.

Triple Junction and Lineal Divide are both from an ongoing series called Fragment. The series aims to explore the relationship between paper and steel through a process of repeatedly folding, cutting and working sheet metal with hydraulic pressure. The material then begins to take on the same characteristics of its paper counterpart, beginning to stress, crumple, tear and finally fragment. Through this process the work begins to explore the possibilities of form whilst highlighting the beauty of the raw materials from which the work is constructed.