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Born 1979, Hobart, Tasmania

Lives London, United Kingdom

For more than a decade this Australian-born, London-based designer Brodie Neill has forged a signature aesthetic by creating striking biomorphic furniture pieces. The works in his collection stand out as explorations in form and material, yet Neill is adamant that these are designs, not artworks.

Neill honed his designer-maker skills studying Furniture Design at the University of Tasmania. It was here that he learnt how to design in the third dimension and think like a sculptor. Upon graduating, he set off to study a Masters Degree at the acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design in New York in 2004. While he had some early experience using digital technologies in his undergraduate degree, it was here that Neill harnessed the potential of computer-aided design in his practice. Merging advanced digital design technologies with a profound respect for material and the handmade, is a skill that has come to define the oeuvre of this furniture designer.

The Reverb Wire Chair, 2012, embodies volumetric presence and structural lightness. Inspired by the mathematical principles of sound reverberation, the chair comprises a networked system of handcrafted and mirror polished stainless steel rods that interlace to form a remarkable curvilinear form. The Reverb Wire Chair is an evolution of the Reverb Chair, 2009, which was crafted from solid mirror-polished aluminium. Yet while the DNA of the two chairs is the same, the process to create the Reverb Wire Chair was completely new. The later iteration celebrates the material properties of steel – namely its strength and malleability – to create a delightfully flamboyant stage for the everyday act of sitting.