STEEL: art design architecture




Born 1986, Sydney, New South Wales

Lives Canberra, ACT

After graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) with Honours from the School of Art, Australian National University, Alison Jackson founded Pocket Studio in 2008, from where she began working part-time and teaching short courses.  In these first few years, while getting her own practice off the ground, Jackson was also working part-time at Fink & Co. where she built up her skills and confidence, before committing to her practice and her studio full-time in 2013.  Though relatively early in her career Jackson’s distinctive style has garnered much attention, showing nationally and internationally in addition to winning a number of awards.  Uniting beauty with function, Jackson has created unique designs spanning tableware, jewellery and hollowware ranges. 

Slowly Slowly Pouring Pots 2015 are Jackson’s first one-off exhibition pieces made in stainless steel.  Though stainless steel has the advantage of being easily mass-produced, the singular nature of these works created an environment of experimental freedom with different forms, playing, cutting, changing and developing the individual pieces.  Seeking to create sculptural pieces that were intriguing in their own right, while being playful and practical to use, these pots represent Jackson’s most fully formed experiments in stainless steel to-date.

Jackson created these works with the help of her partner Dan Lorrimer (also in this exhibition), which led to a back and forth dialogue. Lorrimer executed the fabrication while Jackson developed the design. Lorrimer welded while Jackson restyled, imagining different joins and connections until they resolved into these deceptively simple and engaging pieces of tableware.